EGYPT - ICF 2022 & African Ministers Meeting

Mobilization of Finance and Access to Finance

Panel 1:

From Pledges to Implementation: Translating Financial Commitments to Opportunities in Africa

Day 1 | 11:00 ─ 12:30

In light of Egypt hosting COP27 this year, the presidency announced that its main objective is to move from pledges to implementation. This panel aims to highlight the role of the different stakeholders in translating financial commitments into implementable projects, capitalizing on the needed interplay between them, to promote an actionable climate agenda, whilst ensuring environmental sustainability as well as decent work, social inclusion, and poverty eradication.


Panel 4:

Debt for Sustainable Investment

Day 2 | 10:30 ─ 11:45

Following the impact of the COVID19 pandemic and continued macro-economic instability linked to global events, 15 African countries are at risk of external and public debt distress, and 6 already facing debt distress. Despite these challenges, African countries have made significant strides to ensure the transparency of their operations on capital markets and also to provide reliable investment opportunities. As such debt for climate adaptation swaps are primarily aimed as a tool to generate additional investment and liquidity for climate resilience, rather than a tool for restructuring. Debt for climate adaptation swaps provide opportunities for raising capital in low income, middle income and vulnerable countries to address environmental and other policy challenges and support green growth. The meeting will explore the possibility of developing criteria for performance-linked sovereign debt that contribute to (i) reducing the cost of capital to developing countries, (ii) supporting ambitious action on climate and nature as well as other aspects of sustainability, given the urgent need to address food, energy, and water security and (iii) Making sovereign debt markets responsive to climate change and nature restoration.


Panel 5:

On the Road to COP27: Pre -Finance Day – Innovative Climate Finance and Access

Day 3 | 10:00 ─ 11:30

The Finance Day is an annual event held during COP with the objective of mobilizing public and private resources to support countries that are most vulnerable to climate change and help them adapt to the impacts of climate change and build their resilience to future climate events. Tackling climate change requires going beyond traditional financing approaches and sources to meet the challenge at scale: at a global and grassroots level. In this context, the main objective of this panel is to exchange insights about innovative mechanisms and instruments to provide suitable financing for projects related to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Innovative financing models aim to unify the efforts of all the relevant stakeholders such as Governments, the private sector and civil society organizations, and philanthropies among others. Therefore, blended finance and debt swap agreements to implement green projects are among the key tools for innovative climate financing. The discussion will therefore focus on how to create enabling environments, and incentives to confidently invest in emerging economies in order to contribute to de-risking private investments in climate action.


Roundtable 3

From Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh: A Guidebook for Just Financing

Day 2 | 12:00 ─14:00

In light of Egypt hosting COP27 this year, the presidency announced that its main objective is to move from pledges to implementation. It is within this context that the ‘Sharm El-Sheikh Guidebook for Just Financing’ aims to highlight the role of the different stakeholders, capitalizing on the needed interplay between them, to promote an actionable agenda for climate action that would be applicable to developing and emerging economies at large.


Roundtable 4

Cop27 Presidency- Philanthropy Roundtable

Day 2 | 15:30 ─ 19:00 (By Invitation Only)

The philanthropic community will have an opportunity to engage with the COP27 presidency on its strategic priorities for the upcoming COP27 conference in Sharm El-Sheikh. The roundtable shall include a dedicated discussion to headline presidential initiatives, where enhanced philanthropic support is needed, will be showcased.


2-day Knowledge Building Session on Blended Finance in Partnership with Convergence